Monday, July 7, 2008

Welcome Once Again

Dear visitors to our blog, we welcome you warmly once again! To those in the ‘Old Girl / Boy’ category, it is indeed time to reminisce on those times! To others who have some knowledge of King’s College Budo, we hope the pictures bring you close to the character of the school we take much pleasure in! To those who have been distant to Uganda in various considerations, we hope that you have had an opportunity to view a setting that has contributed to grooming many Ugandans over the decades.

I wish to extend our esteem in those who attended the school in its formative years, many of whom have variously contributed to regional and wider global development! Congratulations! You have set the pace for many of us who in many ways consider our task as yet incomplete!

The educational scene has witnessed many changes, the latest in the area of free universal education, starting with primary and now into secondary. A great development is further emphasis on vocational education. Many great countries attribute their developments to that vocational route.

Uganda is set for greater times, with the prospect of increased incomes, giving us hope in greater value addition through industrialisation and increasing export activity.

We do hope to widen our pictorial presentations to other areas in the near future.

Once again, we welcome you to the blog and hope to see more of your visits, and stimulation of your interest in a greater Uganda in the international village!

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